Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How to Use a Penis Pump

Penis pumps are designed to help engorge the penis to give harder erections that can last longer than usual. Penis pumps cannot permanently increase the size of the penis, but are used for temporary sexual pleasure. Penis pumps can be either hand or battery operated.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1Step OneRead the manufacturer’s instructions before use.
2Step TwoInsert batteries if needed.
3Step ThreeFit the device over the penis.
4Step FourPump the device as explained in the instructions. Manual pumps often recommend a gentle pump followed by a pause before repeating.
5Step FiveContinue to pump until desired level of hardness or arousal is reached. The higher the vacuum, the higher the blood-pressure wil become in the penis.

How to Use a Mini Vibrator


Mini vibrators may be small but there is nothing tiny in their power. Most mini vibrators can compete with their big brothers and sisters in vibration, battery life and, most importantly, strength of orgasm.


Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need
Mini vibrator
Clean damp towel, washcloth or wet wipes
1Step OneClean the vibrator with a wet towel or wet wipe before use.

2Step TwoInsert battery if needed.

3Step ThreeRecline or situate your body in a comfortable position.

4Step FourTurn on the mini vibrator.

5Step FiveHold the vibrator comfortably in your hand and begin caressing your body.

6Step SixWork your way toward the genital area with the mini vibrator.

7Step SevenAllow the vibrator to work its magic, particularly around the clitoris.

8Step EightContinue to massage the genital region until orgasm is achieved.

How to Perform the Split Level Sexual Position

The split level sexual position is very similar to the missionary position with a more open vagina to allow for deeper penetration. Neither partner needs any particular flexibility or agility. Depending on the level of aggression of the partners as well as whether or not the woman locks her feet, this can be a very gentle or forceful position. This position allows for face to face contact as well as frees the woman’s hands for additional stimulation. This can be done on nearly any surface.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Perform the Split Level Position—Woman
1Step OneRemove panties and any clothing covering your vagina or anus.
2Step TwoLay on your back with legs slightly apart.
3Step ThreePrepare yourself as your partner lays his body on top of you and penetrates your vagina or anus.
4Step FourSimultaneously, bend your legs and wrap them around your partner’s waist.
5Step FiveInterlock your feet at the small of your partner’s back to brace yourself for more forceful thrusting.
6Step SixKiss your partner or nuzzle his shoulder. You can also use your free hands to stimulate yourself or your partner.
Perform the Split Level Sex Position—Man
1Step OneRemove underwear.
2Step TwoLay on top of your partner, facing her.
3Step ThreeInsert the penis into your partner’s vagina or anus.
4Step FourAs your partner wraps her legs around your waist or back, adjust the angle at which you enter her.
5Step FiveKiss and nuzzle your partner on her mouth, ears, neck and breasts.